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Equine Hanna Somatics

"Michele worked her Somatic magic with our rescued 6 year old small Arab gelding, Diego. He was toed out in the hind in a ballerina first position so severe he waddled side to side, and had trouble balancing and moving forward. Clearly Diego was having physical problems and not enjoying being ridden at all. After several months and regular sessions with Michele that's history. Diego's a much happier horse and so are we. His toes point forward, he has a lovely, light Arab trot and is glad to get in the arena and on the trail. Michele is always communicating with him, and we see a more playful, braver and engaged young horse. Thanks Michele"- Diego, and The Horse Project Santa Barbara

I offer Equine Hanna Somatics to horses  in the Santa Barbara area. In an EHS session I invite the horse to pandiculate, -thus resetting the contraction of muscles to their 'resting tone'. The results of an EHS session are a more aligned musculature and less contracted joints. EHS is different than other forms of Equine body work in that the horse is invited to move in a Somatic way, (Pandiculation), which results in the horse focusing inward. This body- mind integration increases the horses' capacity to learn and to have empathy.  It is different from other Equine trainings in that the horse has a choice to participate in the session as much or as little as they are able and they still get long lasting results. Results can include better posture, improved gaits, pain relief, improved athletics, improved mood and intelligence, more willingness to take direction, and the creation of a deeper  bond with their human. I have personally witnessed the improvement of PTSD symptoms in traumatized horses as a result of EHS.  In addition, I am willing to teach you to work Somatically with your horse and to teach you Somatic exercises for your body. My goal is to help as many horses as possible, and to help increase their bond with their guardians with EHS.

I believe that our animals should always be treated as family!  I look forward to helping you and your horse to build

better brains, better bodies and better bonds.

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