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Equine Hanna Somatics

Available in the Santa Barbara, CA area and on zoom

I offer Equine Hanna Somatics to horses  in the Santa Barbara area. In an EHS session I invite the horse to pandiculate, -thus resetting the contraction of muscles to their 'resting tone'. The results of an EHS session are a more aligned musculature and less contracted joints. EHS is different than other forms of Equine body work in that the horse is invited to move in a Somatic way, (Pandiculation), which results in the horse focusing inward. This body- mind integration increases the horses' capacity to learn and to have empathy.  It is different from other Equine trainings in that the horse has a choice to participate in the session as much or as little as they are able and they still get long lasting results. Results can include better posture, improved gaits, pain relief, improved athletics, improved mood and intelligence, more willingness to take direction, and the creation of a deeper  bond with their human. I have personally witnessed the improvement of PTSD symptoms in traumatized horses as a result of EHS.  In addition, I am willing to teach you to work Somatically with your horse and to teach you Somatic exercises for your body. My goal is to help as many horses as possible, and to help increase their bond with their guardians with EHS.

I believe that our animals should always be treated as family!  I look forward to helping you and your horse to build

better brains, better bodies and better bonds.

In person pricing is $100 and zoom education after you download the dvd is $60 per hour. Please contact me via CHAT.

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Hear What Others Have to Say

Happy clients are sending me their progress pictures all the time. I like to teach horse people to work Somatically with their horses on their own.


 "Michele worked her Somatic magic with our rescued 6 year old small Arab gelding, Diego. He was toed out in the hind in a ballerina first position so severe he waddled side to side, and had trouble balancing and moving forward. Clearly Diego was having physical problems and not enjoying being ridden at all. After several months and regular sessions with Michele that's history. Diego’s a much happier horse and so are we. His toes point forward, he has a lovely, light Arab trot and is glad to get in the arena and on the trail. Michele is always communicating with him, and we see a more playful, braver and engaged young horse. Thanks Michele"- Diego, and The Horse Project Santa Barbara

SB Horse Project/ Safyre Sanctuary


”Michele and the Somatic work have done so much good for my horse in his golden years.  He loves hearing her pull up and loves to see her arrive.  He knows he is going to have an awesome treatment and companionship.  Afterwards he is more relaxed and comfortable in this awesome body.  His coat is shining and his eyes are bright.  Michele is a great addition to the horse community (and people as well). I am so grateful that she found us! Thank you!”

Rebecca Player/ R.I.P Roscali


“Rocky was being exercised and ridden fairly regularly. He was our “go to” horse to assess riders’ abilities and to give more beginner volunteers a chance to feel a horse under saddle.   Rocky was ridden hard in his younger days in barrel racing and roping events, then was a therapeutic riding horse and came to me about 10 years ago.  Rocky has always been base narrow on his hind, but about 6 months ago I started to notice that he was paddling out on his hind right. It then progressed to where his hind right was crossing the mid-line on every step.  We stopped riding him continuing though with our regular conditioning and exercise program from the ground. Michele began giving him his Somatic work more regularly at this point. Rocky seemed to be more comfortable, easier to get into a trot lunging, choosing to romp at a gallop in the arena and in general more cooperative and like his old self. Over the course of a couple months his paddling lessened, only on loose gravel surfaces, and he completely stopped crossing the midline. He is still more base narrow than before he ways before this issue with his hind began, -but as we started to lightly ride him again he is accepting and tolerating it well without any serious regression.  Michele’s comments after a session on where he is tight or has changed since she last worked on him are very helpful and parallel what we see from the ground.”

Linda Keifer/ Rocky

cali ribs.jpg

Calliope is an over reactive nervous thoroughbred.  After her Equine Hanna Somatics session Calliope did not spook as she usually does when ridden.  She had been healng from a laceration to her hind leg and internal bleeding from a trailer accident.  In addition, after her session she was less roach back and less tucked in the hind.



Kisu had not had a Somatic Session in several months, and she picked up right where she left off.  The work stays with them!  She started out not liking her tail touched, now she has no problem with it at all!

Kisu, -Before Somatic Session


Look at how much more vibrant her muscle tone is. She looks taller and lifted up. Her legs are more out from under her.

Kisu- After Somatic Session


Jasper is a 28 year old donkey who has arthritis. This is the before and after for his first session!

Jasper-before session one


You can see that is top line is more centered. His barrel is more symmetrical, and his hips are more even and also symmetrical.

Jasper-after session one

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