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My comprehensive training in Pilates is in the B.A.S.I Pilates method, -which makes for a body-mind approach. My background in "Structural Integration", (a Somatic approach to Rolfing), gives me a keen eye for alignment and stress patterns.  My movement education is eclectic and so I am able to tailor your work out to  your needs on any particular day.  It can be an athletic session or a slow Somatic session or a combination of both.  I have interned and worked in a Classical Pilates studio, which makes for a more vigorous athletic workout. In addition, I have worked in two Pole-Star Pilates Physical Therapy business' and so I have a vast knowledge of injury care and prevention.  I have education and  experience working with seniors, athletes and pregnancy. I am a Master teacher trainer in Poolates, (Pilates in warm water), if you want to take your Pilates to the Pool!  Check out the Poolates page for more information about Poolates. I am also a Certified Somatic movement Instructor.  ZOOM CLASS IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL MODALITIES.

Pilates: About Me

Client Testimonials

“Michele put me immediately at ease with her confidence, knowledge and sensitive communication style. She understood my needs and developed an in-home program that was comfortable, challenging and easily adaptable to my environment and schedule.” Susan Sully, Santa Barbara

Susan Sully

"Michele Morrow has been my personal Pilates trainer for 14 years.
I am in my 70's and she has helped me greatly in the areas of
posture, flexibility and muscle control.
Her professional approach and knowledge of kinesiology are
very helpful in keeping her clients on the path to an active life.
In addition she will now be assisting me with gym workouts to
achieve maximum effectiveness.
She has earned and deserves my highest recommendation.

Peter J. Zodtner

I am 89 years 'young' and I have been seeing Michele for Pilates and Poolates for 15 years.  My balance and strength has been maintained, which I attribute to my dedication.  I compare Michele's teaching style to her being a 'gentle whip!', - as she is fair but strict in achieving our goals for me in the work outs.  I highly recommend her.

Bob Lite, Montecito

I have had the pleasure of taking Pilates with Michele for 17 years.  Originally I came to her with chronic low back pain from 50 years of playing tennis.  Now I am pain free in top shape at 87 years old.  I appreciate Michele's expertise and consistent concern for my over all health and my work out goals.

Marcia Constance, Montecito

Pilates: Testimonials

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Available in both

Montecito & Santa Barbara

Coast Village PT and Pilates

1122 Coast Village Road,

Montecito, Ca. 93108

Also available at

Aligned Pilates Studio

1516 Chapala Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93103

WHATS APP/CELL 805-570-5121

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