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What is Animal Communication?

               How will Animal Commuication help me and my loved animal?

Animal communication is a telepathic  conversation between myself and your animal.  It is a holistic approach that recognizes animals as spiritual beings with their own unique personalities and their own individual paths and lessons.  The reasons people seek out an Animal Communication are varied. There may be a behavioral problem, a medical issue, or a big change coming up in the household.  A loved animal may have passed away, and so its' person may need help with grief, -which may include them having unanswered questions.  The guardian may wish to relay a message to their animal in spirit. Sometimes we just want to 'check in' with our animals in spirit or with our animals that are with us on earth. I don't judge or influence a persons reasons for seeking out an Animal Communication. I consider this a sacred exchange between myself and the animal and their person and I respect the privacy of all of my clients.

Results of the communication include  healing for both the animal and their person, a deeper understanding and an even deeper bond.   Behavioral issues may be resolved and many people report feeling relieved and that their animal is happier. Who doesn't want to be heard?!!

In terms of medical issues,  I will do a 'body scan' if appropriate;- I always preface this with advising people to always consult with their veterinarian.  I encourage people in empowering themselves to use their intuition and their own animal communication abilities as we know our pets the best! In addition,  our pets 'mirror' us in both the physical and the emotional, and so we can be 'too close to the situation', -and so this is an example of where hiring a professional Animal Communicator is helpful!

When you and your animal become my clients I make a heart to soul life time commitment.  I prioritize you if there is an emergency and I keep my keep your cost lower when or if I do raise my rates.  I also offer continuing questions when concerns arise at a lesser rate than a full consultation (animal communication).

Please check out examples of Pet Communications and testimonials on my Instagram Page, or my Face-book page, also click on the "Pet Communication Testimonials and Communication Excerpts Button" below.


Animal Communication: Text

Contact me

Please send a picture with your animals eyes showing to the camera with no other animals or people in the photo. (use the LETS CHAT paper clip icon to upload). If you would like a body scan then please add another full length picture with no other people or animals in the picture. I If the animal is an equine please have no tack on.  Please include the name, age, if the animal is in spirit or alive, and any questions or concerns. I usually can get to your pet within 3 days of receiving all of the information. Payment is $100 sent through paypal or venmo.  Subscriptions are available upon inquiry.

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Animal Communication: Contact


Hear What Others Have to Say

"Michele connected with my dog kiwi and wow was it spot on! She was so respectful and professional. My dog doesn’t normally trust people, so I knew she has a good soul! Thanks to her I’m now a little more at peace and happy knowing my doggie safe. Would definitely recommend her. Thanks Michele, you’re awesome!"- Krista B. (animal in spirit)

Krista B

"Michele reached out to my beloved mare because I was concerned that she is uncomfortable in her body. Michele confirmed veterinary findings and gave me ideas for some additional conversation with my vet. She also gave me comfort in knowing that our girl is loving her new(ish) home with us and feeling more herself. She told Michele that if she could be another animal it would be a puppy dog so she could cuddle in bed with us. This is especially funny because when I was looking for this mare I told people who were helping me look that I wanted "a dog in a horse suit" - Rebecca (medical and changes in home)


"Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Michele’s help. When I first reached out, I was skeptical. Michele responded in a very caring and compassionate way. Her reading of my horse was spot on. He has been so responsive ever since. We laugh together now. As the owner of an equine rehabilitation center (Amazing Grace Equestrian Center) I’m used to looking at the physical part of the equation. Michele has taught me that the spiritual part is just as important. I will not hesitate to ask Michele for healing help in the future. She is truly amazing."
-Sandy Weinreich, Parkton, MD

Sandy Weinreich, Parkton, MD

Animal Communication: Testimonials

Excerpts of my Animal Communications

Hear what the Animals have to say

Banks is 5 years old and a retired race horse, who had been mistreated. I asked him, “What do you love in life?”
“Everyday there are nice surprises, like a new treat, or a new friend, or a new place to walk and to explore.” “I now wake up and expect something wonderful to happen, and it does.” “Time can lead to forgiveness, joy can erase 100 years of pain.”-Banks


“Momma, take a deep breath.” “You are suffocating in your belief that you did something wrong, that we could have had more time, that you will never see me again.” “These are only beliefs and they have nothing to do with the reality of what has occurred or will occur.” “You did nothing wrong!” “You were going along doing everything right for so long and then it was a shock to find that you no longer had control over our situation together.” “I understand you and that has not changed!” “I glory in our life together, and we both must cherish the memories.” “You can draw me!” “You can make me a cartoon.” “You can write my thoughts, you can develop me as a character to share with others, you can teach children with me, with my memory, this is a way to honor me, and this is a way to keep me always with you.” “The truth is that our love is eternal and you have to meditate into that truth and heal.” “You will understand the healing that occurs when you raise your vibration with my help.” “I have already helped in you life and I can still help you in spirit. Shea Bean


Why are you pooping in the house? He gives me the feeling of jealousy as though you are focusing on someone else or another animal and Nuka wants the feels like it is a person.  “I am testing my mom to see if she really does love me no matter what.” You know the answer to that so you don’t need to test her at all. What do you need from your mom so that you will stop the indoor pooping? “I want time just goofing off with her and snuggling without any goals in mind.” “I have fun doing the competitions but that is not all that I am.” I am sure your mom thinks she is doing all of the best things for and with you, I am sure she never tries to ignore your needs.” “I think that I need a good deal of attention because I am a big baby in a way, I need constant positive reinforcement.” When you poop I am sure your mom does not give you positive feedback. “Well, it does her worry about me and so I like her to think about me all of the time.” Does your body feel ok? “I do have extra poops.” “I am getting extra treats.” It feels like there is something going on behind moms’ back in terms of treats or food, like he is eating someone else’s food or someone is giving him more treats or food that you don’t realize.  Your mom has something else to say to you. She is really excited about the next competition and also the practice times. Her dream is that you would focus 100% on her when you are in the ring,,because her goal is to make it to the top 10.  Can you focus completely on your mom when you are in the ring?  “We just need to practice practice practice.. and then it my focus will be there automatically.” “I can see my moms’ dreams and I can put myself inside of those dreams and we can be a winning team, I know I can do this with her.” “It is fun!”

“I like having my mom all to myself.”- Nuka

Animal Communication: Tips & Advice
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