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What is Animal Communication?

               How will Animal Commuication help me and my loved animal?

Animal communication is a telepathic  conversation between myself and your animal.  It is a holistic approach that recognizes animals as spiritual beings with their own unique personalities and their own individual paths and lessons.  The reasons people seek out an Animal Communication are varied. There may be a behavioral problem, a medical issue, or a big change coming up in the household.  A loved animal may have passed away, and so its' person may need help with grief, -which may include them having unanswered questions.  The guardian may wish to relay a message to their animal in spirit. Sometimes we just want to 'check in' with our animals in spirit or with our animals that are with us on earth. I don't judge or influence a persons reasons for seeking out an Animal Communication. I consider this a sacred exchange between myself and the animal and their person and I respect the privacy of all of my clients.

Results of the communication include  healing for both the animal and their person, a deeper understanding and an even deeper bond.   Behavioral issues may be resolved and many people report feeling relieved and that their animal is happier. Who doesn't want to be heard?!!

In terms of medical issues,  I will do a 'body scan' if appropriate;- I always preface this with advising people to always consult with their veterinarian.  I encourage people in empowering themselves to use their intuition and their own animal communication abilities as we know our pets the best! In addition,  our pets 'mirror' us in both the physical and the emotional, and so we can be 'too close to the situation', -and so this is an example of where hiring a professional Animal Communicator is helpful!

When you and your animal become my clients I make a heart to soul life time commitment.  I prioritize you if there is an emergency and I keep my keep your cost lower when or if I do raise my rates.  I also offer continuing questions when concerns arise at a lesser rate than a full consultation (animal communication).


"Michele connected with my dog kiwi and wow was it spot on! She was so respectful and professional. My dog doesn’t normally trust people, so I knew she has a good soul! Thanks to her I’m now a little more at peace and happy knowing my doggie safe. Would definitely recommend her. Thanks Michele, you’re awesome!"- Krista B. (animal in spirit)

"Michele reached out to my beloved mare because I was concerned that she is uncomfortable in her body. Michele confirmed veterinary findings and gave me ideas for some additional conversation with my vet. She also gave me comfort in knowing that our girl is loving her new(ish) home with us and feeling more herself. She told Michele that if she could be another animal it would be a puppy dog so she could cuddle in bed with us. This is especially funny because when I was looking for this mare I told people who were helping me look that I wanted "a dog in a horse suit" - Rebecca (medical and changes in home)

This is part of a communication for the human mom of Sam, who is in spirit.... He shows me above you as a huge huge horse being and you can be on him seeing what he sees, or you can be on the earth with him standing over you, protecting you. “I am inviting you to see the ‘big picture’ by feeling the comfort of my back while we tower over the earth, while the earth spins and all of life on earth starts , and grows, and ends, watching the cycles of life,, I invite you to know that I am over you, protecting you , shading you from harsh sun and from any predator that may come.” “I know that you can do this, I know that you can remember me in a way that is more than just mental, more than you heart breaking, i know that you can remember me with pride and with joy, and with the knowledge that we were close, and we are closer now- when time and physical fragility cannot tear the perfect union of our fabric." (Before this communication his person had bought a painting of a large horse protecting a woman who was lying on the ground, and the guardian feels that this is what he referring to.. and example of a communication with an animal in spirit and the evidence that all of us are able to connect to our animals in life and in death.)

"Michele did a reading for my horse, Lena. Lena had not been acting like herself. When Michele connected with Lena, it was quite insightful and made me smile and happy cry but at the time of the reading Lena hadn't been feeling well - Michele didn't know this. Lena indicated she needed her blood cleaned/cleansed. A few days later, Lena stopped eating and was sleeping a lot. The vet came out and drew blood to test for Lyme disease and started a treatment but she would only nibble here and there which caused her digestive system to not work the way it was meant to. Michele connected again and asked Lena to eat so she'd feel better and also did long distance acupressure during this session. She did eat better that evening but we weren't in the clear. The test results did come back positive for Lyme Disease. I feel Michele's communications with Lena helped me to bond even deeper with Lena. I would recommend Michele - she is wonderful and was extremely helpful with this situation."- Laurie Andrews

"Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Michele’s help. When I first reached out, I was skeptical. Michele responded in a very caring and compassionate way. Her reading of my horse was spot on. He has been so responsive ever since. We laugh together now. As the owner of an equine rehabilitation center (Amazing Grace Equestrian Center) I’m used to looking at the physical part of the equation. Michele has taught me that the spiritual part is just as important. I will not hesitate to ask Michele for healing help in the future. She is truly amazing."

-sandy Weinreich, Parkton, MD

"I highly recommend Michele! She helped immensely with communicating and resolving issues we had been trying to figure out with our rescue dog for the past few months to no avail. She was able to get to the bottom of some behaviors and gave valuable solutions. The change in him (and us) has been amazing. He is much more relaxed, confident and at ease."- A.Hockham

This is Banks, who was a race horse, one of the things he shared was about forgiveness and it really touched my heart!

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