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Personal Training

My approach to personal training is based upon my experience as a "structural integration" practitioner. "Structural Integration Fitness Training" incorporates segmental movement in order to create smooth, efficient and functional movement patterns.

'Traditional' programming methods lay their emphasis on isolation, e.g. abdominal crunches & leg extensions. These programs typically result in muscular imbalances, postural instabilities, faulty movement patterns, and  injuries.

"Structural Integration Fitness Training" produces a superior training effect for functional improvement, weight/fat loss as well as muscular, cardiovascular and flexibility improvement.  In addition, my education as a Somatic Practitioner makes for a more relaxing and enjoyable session.  It also makes for a more approachable work out for those who have had a negative experience in the gym in their past.
It is important to lose fat and tone muscle, but just as important is the need to address the postural imbalances brought about by our modern sedentary lifestyle. After many hours sitting, working in front of the computer, or television our bodies' poor postural habits, i.e., rounded shoulders, protruded abdomen and an anterior tilted pelvis eventually result in painful backs. 
Many muscular imbalances can be corrected with exercises that strengthen the muscles that are weak, and stretch  the muscles that are overactive and tight. Functional exercises are those that have a high carry-over into 'real life' activities.

S.I. Fitness Training benefits all athlete's in conjunction with their sports-specific training programs.

                                       What to expect
This fitness assessment will take into account your injuries, strengths, weakness', life-style, goals and aspirations. I will design a unique work out plan tailor-made for you.


You decide according to what is appropriate and what works for you!  I am available at Platinum Fitness, www.platinumfitnessonline.com/summerland/index.html
I am also available at Beach Athletic Club, http://beachclubathletics.net/contact.php
                        I am also available for Out Calls
                               Contact and Rate Information
                                       What they say...

"Michele put me immediately at ease with her confidence, knowledge and sensitive communication style. She understood my needs and developed an in-home program that was comfortable, challenging and easily adaptable to my environment and schedule."
              -Susan Sully, Santa Barbara

"Your future clientele will undoubtedly benefit from the hard work, dedication and determination you display in your own life and even more so benefit from your unbridled enthusiasm for fitness."
              -Patrick Gamboa, VP of Education for I.S.S.A