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My education in Holistic Health began in 1979, and included water-based modalities such as aquatic massage and rebirthing in the water.  In my youth I spent leisure time relaxing in the comfort of the warm southern Florida ocean, and as an ocean lifeguard.  While pregnant 28 years ago In Santa Barbara I was mentored under Barbara Harper, leading activist and water-birth mid-wife.  You have to love the water alot to give birth in it!
When I found a marriage of two things that I love, Pilates and the water, I was sold on Poolates(r)! 

After completing my Basic and Personal Poolates(r) Certifications, I studied with Poolates(r) Inventor Rebecca Pfeiffer and  became a Master Poolates(r) Instructor.  As a teacher-trainer in Poolates(r)  I have certified
Physical Therapists ,Personal Trainers, Aqua Instructors and Pilates Teachers all over the United States and in the British Virgin Islands. 
                                      What is “Poolates”?

The simple answer is that "Poolates(r) is Pilates done in the warm water!    Pilates exercises are designed to challenge movements performed against the forces of gravity.   With gravitational forces greatly reduced in the water (
buoyancy), you may be asking how do we generate the opposition needed to mimic the effects of gravity?  In order to adapt the benefits of Pilates training to water, it is necessary to examine what makes the core stabilization exercises developed by Joseph Pilates so effective. 

In both Poolates(r) and Pilates we activate the primary muscles of the torso, and recruit additional "supporting" muscles to stabilize the spine, shoulder girdle and pelvic bones, while synchronizing the  movement with the breath.  We strengthen the core which protects the spine and provides a stable and flexible anchor from which to balance and originate further movement.  We use our appendages as levers to challenge the core and also buoyancy equipment, water depths, and the pool walls, steps and railings to achieve the Pilates training effect.
Poolates(r) offers a challenging mind-body workout for everyone-including swimmers and other aquatic exercisers, Pilates enthusiasts, dancers, and people in post-rehab.- http://www.poolates.com
                                  What to Expect

The water will be between 87 to 94 degrees. If you get cold easily bring a rash guard or water warm up.  You will get wet!- but your hair does not need to, bring a bathing suit, a towel, and no water shoes please.

I teach  Poolates in your home pool or the pool at your club.

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