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               "I teach for the body in front of me."- Joseph Pilates

I first tried Pilates in 1979 when I had a scholarship at Coconut Grove Dance Studio in Miami, Florida.  Over the years I explored other athletic venues, but Pilates remained in my memory as a special experience. In 2000 fortune smiled about me as I had the opportunity to take the BASI Pilates™ Certification Training with Kristi Cooper White.

My certification in “Structural Integration” in 1981 was the perfect marriage with Pilates. Structural Integration and Pilates both involve designing a treatment plan based on a visual analysis of a person’s structure and their movement. Both systems emphasize differentiation of individual body sections and how to teach the individual to move from the core. Both modalities introduce new movement patterns that create balance and stability while simultaneously increasing mobility (fluid, graceful, and continuous movement.)  The "Structural Integration" was a Somatic approach to Rolfing.  Because of my education experience in the Somatic work my approach to Pilates is not just athletic , but it is a Somatic approach.   The Somatic approach to Pilates makes for a more relaxing session.  Because of the Somatic approach, there is a higher comfort level for the client , -as they feel safe and supported.
My education also included a year long internship at Santa Barbara Pilates Studio where I taught the Classical style of Pilates.  My Pilates education continued into the rehabilitative
realm of Pilates when I utilized the PoleStar Pilates™ Method while working in a Physical Therapy office.  I proudly developed a dedicated clientele at Simpatico Pilates and Gyrotonic Studio in Montecito from 2001-2009.  Presently I teach at Coast Village Physical Therapy and Pilates.

                                   What to Expect 

I have no “cookie-cutter” choreography for your Pilates work-out, as my goal is to assist you in creating balance and ease in your body. I will use my BASI Pilates™ training in combination with my somatic  education (Structural Integration Certification) as my core influences on how to go about accomplishing this goal.  Each session will stand on its own, as every day is different and you reflect this in your body, mind and spirit. Because of the Somatic training within my Structural Integration education,  I may include guided imagery and breath work to address pain in your body if appropriate in your session.  To read more about the connection between Structural Integration and Pilates check out my blog page.                 

I am available at Coast Village Physical Therapy and Pilates,  Montecito, Ca.   I am also available at Simpatico Pilates Studio in Montecito.  I am available in the Santa Barbara area at Align Pilates Studio. I am also available for out call Pilates sessions in your home.

                                      What they say:

“Michele Morrow has been my personal Pilates trainer for 4 years.  I am in my 60's and she has helped me greatly in the areas of posture, flexibility and muscle control.  Her professional approach and knowledge of kinesiology are very helpful in keeping her clients on the path to an active life. In addition she will now be assisting me with gym workouts to achieve maximum effectiveness. She has earned and deserves my highest recommendation”.
                        -Peter J. Zodtner, -Pharmacist

Michele is a superb instructor.  She is professional and thoughtful, gearing her instruction to my needs, one of which is to have a smoother and freer golf swing since I have a compromised left shoulder.  Each session she leads me through the Pilates protocol clearly and effectively.  Having taken Pilates from Michele for several months now, I have more freedom and flexibility of motion and my golf game has definitely improved even winning a tournament recently.  I highly recommend her.- John C. Bruch, Jr., Ph.D.

"For many years I have battled fibromyalgia along with genetic kyphosis and scoliosis.  In addition to this, quite a few years ago, I had a very serious horse accident which compressed my ribcage causing multiple ribs and my scapula to break as well as a lung to collapse. This accident coupled with my already limiting conditions gradually seriously curtailed my mobility.

 Years down the line, I began to go to Rolfing on a regular basis.  This modality has given me great freedom of movement from both the accident and the fibromyalgia.  I continue to go to Sara Soltau for Rolfing but, at her suggestion, have now added Pilates with Michele Morrow.  Sara can see additional positive changes in my body from the work that Michele gives me to do and I feel important changes taking place as well.  Sara, Michele and I all feel that the combination of Rolfing and Pilates is phenomenal in making my body more flexible thus enabling a higher level of activity than would otherwise be possible.  With these two modalities, I hope to be horseback riding and hiking for many, many more years to come. I consider them both a real God send."-
 Anne Butler

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