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Michele Grace Morrow - Blog

Michele is an expert on ....Pilates, Poolates(r), Personal Training
January 2012
January 2010
Coast Village P.T. and Pilates
January 17 12:50 PM
Michele Grace
       This is Coast Village Physical Therapy and Pilates,- a very private and peaceful  environment for your Pilates sessions.   You don't have to be in post rehabilitation from physical therapy to work out with me here!

How Poolates Works..
January 18 10:08 PM
Michele Grace
This is Joe Pilates performing arm circles…now imagine that instead of springs for resistance there is warm water.  Now to get the long line forward of the body in the water, we open our stance wide and hinge a straight spine forward from the hip, sending the tail bone down to the pool bottom to help create the neutral spine.  To see Poolates(r) on DVD go to www.poolates.com and check out the store.