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Michele Grace Morrow - Blog

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January 2012
January 2010
How Poolates Works..
January 18 10:08 PM
Michele Grace
This is Joe Pilates performing arm circles…now imagine that instead of springs for resistance there is warm water.  Now to get the long line forward of the body in the water, we open our stance wide and hinge a straight spine forward from the hip, sending the tail bone down to the pool bottom to help create the neutral spine.  To see Poolates(r) on DVD go to www.poolates.com and check out the store.

Structural Integration + Pilates = Tensegrity
January 18 9:50 PM
Michele Grace
Ok, so you may be wondering what is that pretty graphic I see on Michele’s web pages?  That is a tensegrity model, and that is what Structural Integration and Pilates are based upon. Clients find that having both Pilates and Rolfing (Structural Integration) creates amazing results...  "For many years I have battled fibromyalgia along with genetic kyphosis and scoliosis.  In addition to this, quite a few years ago, I had a very serious horse accident which compressed my ribcage causing multiple ribs and my scapula to break as well as a lung to collapse. This accident coupled with my already limiting conditions gradually seriously curtailed my mobility.
Years down the line, I began to go to Rolfing on a regular basis.  This modality has given me great freedom of movement from both the accident and the fibromyalgia.  I continue to go to Sara Soltau for Rolfing but, at her suggestion, have now added Pilates with Michele Morrow.  Sara can see additional positive changes in my body from the work that Michele gives me to do and I feel important changes taking place as well.  Sara, Michele and I all feel that the combination of Rolfing and Pilates is phenomenal in making my body more flexible thus enabling a higher level of activity than would otherwise be possible.  With these two modalities, I hope to be horseback riding and hiking for many, many more years to come. I consider them both a real God send."-http://www.sarasoltau.com/
Cynthia Tippet

So, to explain further I borrow this excerpt from Roger Golten..(keep reading).
If afterward you want to experience S.I. for yourself, check
out Santa Barbaras' own Daniel Frank, certified advanced Rolfer,