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About Michele

Michele was first introduced to Pilates in 1979 while attending Coconut Grove Dance Studio.   The dance studio made Pilates mandatory as part of a scholarship she had as a result of her performance work as a Pantomime.  In 1981 Michele finished her Swedish Massage Certification at Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami and then moved to Gainesville, Florida to go to Florida School of Massage for "Structural Integration", (a Somatic approach to Rolfing).  Her education with 1400 hours in structural integration bodywork has given her an eye for precise alignment and correct body mechanics. The Somatic approach to Pilates makes for a more relaxing Pilates session.  It also makes Pilates more accessible to people that are not naturally athletic, or have had a bad Pilates or other type of work out  experience.

Michele started her Hatha Yoga practice when she was 15 years old, and she has fulfilled her aspirations of continuing her practice for over 30 years.  She has studied martial arts and was also an amateur body builder.   In her young adulthood Michele was an ocean lifeguard in South Florida and spent time conditioning as a runner and a swimmer. 

Through out all of her explorations in holistic health and athletics Michele never forgot the "special exercise”- Pilates,  that was mandatory to do as part of her dance scholarship.   In 2000,  when Michele was looking to change careers and when she had the opportunity to take her BASI Pilates™ Certification, she saw this as a synchronistic opportunity to expand upon her kills as a Somatic Practitioner and healer.

After completing her BASI Pilates™ training, Michele did a Classical Pilates internship for one year at Santa Barbara Pilates Studio.  Michele also did a Polestar Pilates™ internship within a Physical Therapy business.  She was a senior training at Simaptico Pilates Studio in Montectio where she taught for eight years.  Presently Michele has had her own Pilates studio for 8 years inside of Coast Village PT and Pilates in Montecito.  Michele has been a Master Poolates(r) Teacher Trainer since 2006 and has traveled world wide to teach the Poolates certification workshops.